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We created this random tarot card generator for Tarot on the go. If you need to do a quick reading and you don't have your cards, or if you just want to have a fun reading with friends.

Click the button to get your random tarot card generated and the meaning of that card.

Have a question about a specific card? Choose the category below and click the card to get its meaning. 

Minor Arcana (Reversed)


Wands Reversed

Cups Reversed

  • Ace of Cups (Reversed)
  • Two of Cups (Reversed)
  • Three of Cups (Reversed)
  • Four of Cups (Reversed)
  • Five of Cups (Reversed)
  • Six of Cups (Reversed)
  • Seven of Cups (Reversed)
  • Eight of Cups (Reversed)
  • Nine of Cups (Reversed)
  • Ten of Cups (Reversed)
  • Page of Cups (Reversed)
  • Knight of Cups (Reversed)
  • Queen of Cups (Reversed)
  • King of Cups (Reversed)
  • Swords Reversed

  • Ace of Swords (Reversed)
  • Two of Swords (Reversed)
  • Three of Swords (Reversed)
  • Four of Swords (Reversed)
  • Five of Swords (Reversed)
  • Six of Swords (Reversed)
  • Seven of Swords (Reversed)
  • Eight of Swords (Reversed)
  • Nine of Swords (Reversed)
  • Ten of Swords (Reversed)
  • Page of Swords (Reversed)
  • Knight of Swords (Reversed)
  • Queen of Swords (Reversed)
  • King of Swords (Reversed)
  • Pentacles Reversed

  • Ace of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • Two of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • Three of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • Four of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • Five of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • Six of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • Seven of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • Eight of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • Nine of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • Ten of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • Page of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • Knight of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • Queen of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • King of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Why pull a daily tarot card?Every day brings with it new changes and challenges. Pulling a new tarot each day helps you learn a little bit more about yourself to face the obstacles. 

    Do you shuffle all 78 tarot cards?We automatically generate from the full 78 card deck and provide the meaning of the card you draw. Additionally, if your card is reversed, that holds a separate meaning and we provide that as well.

    How do you randomize Tarot cards?This is a website and it uses some technical coding to work. However, something drives the card that is pulled. Call it destiny, call it fate, call it whatever you'd like, but something seems to make it generate the card you need in that moment.

    How to randomly generator a tarot card with meaning?A lot of random tarot card generators can simply pull up a random tarot card. With our generator, each card that is pulled, that card's meaning is displayed as well.