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We created this random tarot card generator for Tarot on the go. If you need to do a quick reading and you don't have your cards, or if you just want to have a fun reading with friends.

Click the button to generate a random tarot card and the meaning of that card.

Have a question about a specific card? Choose the category below and click the card to get its meaning. 

Minor Arcana (Reversed)


Wands Reversed

Cups Reversed

  • Ace of Cups (Reversed)
  • Two of Cups (Reversed)
  • Three of Cups (Reversed)
  • Four of Cups (Reversed)
  • Five of Cups (Reversed)
  • Six of Cups (Reversed)
  • Seven of Cups (Reversed)
  • Eight of Cups (Reversed)
  • Nine of Cups (Reversed)
  • Ten of Cups (Reversed)
  • Page of Cups (Reversed)
  • Knight of Cups (Reversed)
  • Queen of Cups (Reversed)
  • King of Cups (Reversed)
  • Swords Reversed

  • Ace of Swords (Reversed)
  • Two of Swords (Reversed)
  • Three of Swords (Reversed)
  • Four of Swords (Reversed)
  • Five of Swords (Reversed)
  • Six of Swords (Reversed)
  • Seven of Swords (Reversed)
  • Eight of Swords (Reversed)
  • Nine of Swords (Reversed)
  • Ten of Swords (Reversed)
  • Page of Swords (Reversed)
  • Knight of Swords (Reversed)
  • Queen of Swords (Reversed)
  • King of Swords (Reversed)
  • Pentacles Reversed

  • Ace of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • Two of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • Three of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • Four of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • Five of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • Six of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • Seven of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • Eight of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • Nine of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • Ten of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • Page of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • Knight of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • Queen of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • King of Pentacles (Reversed)
  • Do you want to get a free tarot card reading online? Do you want to learn the meanings of each card and get insights into your life and future? If yes, then you are in the right place. Random Tarot Generator is a free online tool that lets you draw a random tarot card from a deck of 78 cards. You can use it anytime and anywhere, without having to sign up or pay anything. All you need to do is tap the "Generate Card" button above and a random tarot card will appear on your screen. You can then read the meaning of the card and see how it relates to your situation.

    What is Random Tarot Generator?

    Random Tarot Generator
     is a simple and fun way to get a free tarot card reading online. You can use it to get guidance, advice, or inspiration for any aspect of your life. Whether you have a question about love, career, health, or anything else, Random Tarot Generator can help you find the answers.

    Random Tarot Generator uses the Rider-Waite tarot deck, which is one of the most popular and widely used tarot decks in the world. The deck consists of 78 cards, divided into 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. Each card has a unique symbolism and message that can help you gain insight into your life and future. It also does the tarot generator with reversals. 

    How to Use Random Tarot Generator?

    Using Random Tarot Generator is very easy and intuitive. You don’t need any prior knowledge or experience with tarot cards to use it. Just follow these simple steps:

    • Click or tap the "Generator Card" button above to shuffle the cards. This is the tarot shuffle generator that ensures a random and unbiased selection of cards.
    • Tap "Generate New Card" to draw another random card. This is the tarot card pull generator that gives you a single card for a quick and simple reading.
    • Read the name and number of the card on the top left corner of the screen. This is the tarot card generator that assigns a card to you based on the shuffled deck.
    • Read the meaning and interpretation of the card on the bottom of the screen. This is the tarot card generator with meaning that explains the significance and message of the card for you.
    • Think about how the card relates to your question or situation. This is the tarot reading generator that helps you apply the card’s meaning to your own life and circumstances.
    • Repeat the process as many times as you want. You can draw as many random tarot cards as you like, or until you feel satisfied with your reading.

    What are the Benefits of Random Tarot Generator?

    Random Tarot Generator has many benefits for anyone who wants to get a free tarot card reading online. Some of the benefits are:

    • It is free and accessible. You don’t have to pay anything or register to use it. You can access it from any device and browser, as long as you have an internet connection. It is the best free tarot generator you can find online.
    • It is random and unbiased. You don’t have to worry about the accuracy or reliability of the reading. The cards are shuffled and drawn randomly, so you can trust that the reading is based on chance and not on any human influence or manipulation. It is the most random tarot generator you can use.
    • It is flexible and versatile. You can use it for any type of question or situation. You can also choose how many cards you want to draw, depending on how detailed or complex you want your reading to be. You can use it as a tarot card of the day generator, a tarot randomizer, a random tarot card picker, or a random tarot reading generator.
    • It is fun and entertaining. You can use it to have fun, relax, or pass the time. You can also share your results with your friends and family, and compare your readings with theirs. It is the most enjoyable tarot generator you can try.

    The Magic Behind Our Random Tarot Card Generator


    How Does It Work?

    Ever wondered how the universe communicates through the shuffle of tarot cards? Our Random Tarot Card Generator utilizes advanced algorithms to simulate the authentic experience of drawing a card from a physical deck. With just a click, you open a portal to the mystical, receiving a card that holds unique significance for you.

    Ensuring Authenticity

    We understand the importance of authenticity in tarot readings. Our generator is designed to replicate the energy and intention behind traditional card pulls. Each shuffle is a unique experience, ensuring that the cards drawn resonate with the user's energy at that specific moment.

    Exploring the Cards: Meaning and Interpretation


    The Fool: A Journey of New Beginnings

    The Fool, often the starting point of many tarot journeys, symbolizes new beginnings and spontaneous adventures. Discover the significance of this card and how it may influence your path in life.

    The Lovers: Navigating Relationships and Choices

    Delve into the realm of relationships and choices with The Lovers card. Uncover the symbolic meaning behind this card and how it may guide you in matters of the heart.

    The Tower: Embracing Change and Transformation

    Change is the only constant, and The Tower card embodies the inevitability of transformation. Explore the profound meanings associated with The Tower and how it can lead to personal growth.

    The Empress: Embracing Mother Nature's Bounty

    Representing fertility and abundance, The Empress card is a symbol of Mother Nature's nurturing energy. Learn how this card can inspire creativity and connect you with the natural world.

    Get Your Free Tarot Card Reading Now

    Ready to get your free tarot card reading? Tap the deck below and see what the cards have to say. Don’t forget to share your results with your friends and family. Have fun and enjoy your random tarot generator!

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: How Accurate Are the Readings?

    A: While the accuracy of tarot readings depends on interpretation, our generator provides authentic and unbiased insights based on the cards drawn. The interpretation ultimately lies in the hands of the user.

    Q: Can I Trust an Online Tarot Reading?

    A: Absolutely! Our Random Tarot Card Generator is designed with user trust in mind. We prioritize privacy and ensure a secure environment for your readings. Many users find online readings just as impactful as in-person ones.

    Q: How Often Should I Use the Tarot Generator?

    A: The frequency of use depends on personal preference. Some users find daily draws beneficial, while others prefer occasional insights. Trust your intuition and use the generator when you feel the need for guidance.

    Q: Why pull a daily tarot card?

    A: Every day brings with it new changes and challenges. Pulling a new tarot each day helps you learn a little bit more about yourself to face the obstacles.

    Q: Do you shuffle all 78 tarot cards?

    A: We automatically generate from the full 78 card deck and provide the meaning of the card you draw. Additionally, if your card is reversed, that holds a separate meaning and we provide that as well. This leaves 156 different cards you could pull. 

    Q: How do you randomize tarot cards?

    A: This is a website and it uses some technical coding to work. However, something drives the card that is pulled. Call it destiny, call it fate, call it whatever you'd like, but something seems to make it generate the card you need in that moment.

    Q: How to randomly generate a tarot card with meaning?

    A: A lot of random tarot card generators can simply pull up a random tarot card. With our generator, each card that is pulled, that card's meaning is displayed as well. 

    Embark on a journey of self-discovery with our Random Tarot Card Generator. From the allure of The Fool to the transformative power of The Tower, each card has a story to tell. Embrace the magic, click the button, and let the cards reveal the secrets that the universe has in store for you. Your destiny awaits!